The long and mysterious road of social site promotion

One thing I’ve observed about successful self-published authors is that most of them move comfortably through the vast nations of online social networks.  Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and many others.  While quality of writing is important to success, exposure and participation on these networks seems to be important too.  The ultimate word-of-mouth.

A lot of people are social network experts.  My kids are.  So how hard can it be?

I’ll tell you how hard.  I’m like a fish that has just been informed that he has to become an expert bicycle rider.

I’m already on Facebook.  Barely.  I have exactly sixteen “friends” (mostly relatives) and almost everything on my page is restricted to “friends only.”  I mostly joined to keep track of my college kids and other relatives and friends.  Certainly I’m not getting a wide audience, and the idea of opening the page up to more of the world makes me nervous.

I have yet to Twitter.  Or is that “Tweet?”  I hope it’s not “Twit.”

I do post now and then on Litopia, and a few other forum sites for writers.  I started writing this little blog, too, but all of this is more for fun than any kind of organized promotion.

Today I started gingerly stepping into Goodreads, and I’m still finding out about other places.

Wish me luck out here in Networking Noobville.  I’ll need it.