The brass ring

It’s always encouraging when a new author hits it big.

I got my daily Publishers Marketplace deal listing in e-mail today. There was a listing for an author named Amy Ewing who, with Charlie Olson, an agent at Inkwell Management, landed a three-book “major” deal at auction (In Publishers Marketplace code, a “major” deal is one of $500,000 or more). Also mentioned were foreign deals and movie rights.

I see things like this in the deals lists, and usually they involve an author with a track record (“author of the bestselling Crimson Weasel series”). I looked up Amy Ewing on Amazon. Nothing. So I sniffed around and found a blog where she posts, called Teen Writers Bloc. It didn’t take long to make sure it was the same one.

Here’s her latest post, dated May 11, 2012:

I think the most important thing I learned was DON’T GIVE UP. I’m not the only person who tried and failed with a first manuscript. And, as I’ve said before, it was pretty devastating. But I still had time. I had a whole two semesters to write something new, and I did, and what was the result? I just signed with an amazing agent, Charlie Olsen at Inkwell Management. Remember all that fear of “Dear Author” emails and crying into large glasses of wine? Well, I faced it, overcame it, and won. Two years ago, I would never have thought this possible.

So, really, it all came down to DON’T GIVE UP.

A month later, as Lighting McQueen would say, “Ka-Pow!”

“Don’t give up” indeed! There are other Amys out there showing that the brass ring is achievable. It’s a boost for me to read about each one of them.