Online comics and art

Fair warning:  I’m not putting any links in this post.  I wouldn’t know where to start with great examples, and I wouldn’t know where to stop.

I just want to point out that the Internet and computer drawing tools have combined, and art and cartooning talent is busting out in all directions.   I have a bookmark list of about two dozen online comics that I check frequently, and they’re all great.

The kicker is that for me, this list could easily be fifty to a hundred links long.  Most online comics have ads for other online comics, many of them excellent.  It would be real easy for me to kill a lot of my day reading them.  It’s tough enough staying away from the Internet when I have useful things to do.

It’s a lot like book self-publishing in that the tools for getting your work out there have never been better or easier to use.  Will some people break out into paying careers doing this kind of thing?  Sure.  We’ve already seen that in the book and e-book self-publishing industry, and there’s no reason we won’t be seeing it someday for online art and cartooning.

You’ll never know unless you try.

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