“Line, please.”

Gah. Bogged down in an important dialogue scene again.

It’s weird how you can be in the shower, or walking down to the mailbox, or rinsing dishes, and all of a sudden an entire sequence comes into your head. Your characters move through the scene, talking, shouting, and thinking. All you need to do is stand back and watch, and hope to God you don’t forget any of it. It’s why writers need to carry notebooks.

Other times–and this of course is when you’re sitting at the keyboard ready to roll–nothing comes. Your characters are standing there on their marks, giving you dirty looks, waiting for you to come up with something for them to do. I have one who starts tapping his feet. Another pulls out her phone and starts checking Facebook. They mutter to each other. It might be great dialogue, but I can’t hear it from over here.

So I flee into my blog, and write a post…

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