That was fast.

A Createspace update:

I ordered a proof copy of Castle Falcon yesterday (May 25).  This is one method of checking your work, and recommended.  It’s really the only way to spot issues like cover alignment, large enough gutters for the binding, and whether or not the book manufacture is any good.

The e-mail confirmation of the order came in yesterday (May 25) at 2:33 PM.

I found the e-mail confirmation of the shipping of my order on my e-mail this morning, dated May 25, 6:41 PM.

How do they print a book that fast?  Even a softcover?

3 thoughts on “That was fast.

  1. Not sure. I got the cheapest shipping (no hurry), and the estimated delivery date was sometime in the first week of June or something. We’ll see if they do better.

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