Createspace is basically Amazon’s hard copy publishing system.

The interface is pretty easy, same as with Kindle. Upload a PDF of your inside material, and an image file of your cover. I used the “full cover image” method, same as for Lulu. Createspace has some decent tools to create “off the shelf” covers using themes, but these won’t be as good (in my opinion).

Createspace assigns an ISBN to your work, and will automatically generate and place the barcode on your cover artwork for you.

The publishing interface is a lot more elaborate than Amazon’s Kindle interface, but very easy to navigate.  Their online preview system is very good, showing exactly how your book would be laid out, cover and all.  You also have the option of ordering a physical proof copy for about ten bucks.  The publishing process is set up on a chart with green checks showing what’s done, and you can skip around or go back if you need to make changes.  I found I had to make a lot of changes as I spotted formatting issues.

The bad news is that Createspace doesn’t have any other options besides softcover (essentially a large paperback.)  It’s one reason I stuck to Lulu for hard cover versions.  Maybe this will change.

As with Lulu, there are prices to set, and distribution choices to make.  Three of the distribution choices (Amazon, Amazon Europe, and Createspace Store) are free.  An expanded distribution option costs $25, and I’m still figuring out exactly what that means.

I’ve set up the book and am ordering a proof copy, but haven’t decided to pull the trigger on full publishing for this method yet.

1 thought on “Createspace

  1. While I stick with Lulu, I think CreateSpace is better in the sense that the prices are cheaper, and that’s especially useful for self-published authors who have yet to gather a fanbase or a readerbase.

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