Cover issues

I’m thinking of putting my oldest book, Castle Falcon, up on Kindle to see what happens.

I’ve figured out the formatting.  With Adobe InDesign (almost a must for any self-publishing effort), there’s a Kindle plug-in that deals with most of the .mobi problems.  I already have a working test version on my own Kindle.

I’ll need a Kindle cover illustration, though.  A Kindle cover is basically the signature of your book on Amazon, so it has to stick out.  My original CG cover for my Lulu gift books is interesting, but a bit cryptic (draft artwork shown without text):

Cover 1

The stained glass is in the story. The little orange creatures are in the story too, but since I invented them the average person wouldn’t have any idea what they are. I tuned them up to look more “buglike.” In my first Lulu cover they looked more like weird jellybeans.

So based on this illustration, what genre is this?  Horror?  SF?  A documentary on exterminators? This is a cover where you really need to look at the description to figure out what’s going on, and while that was okay for a Lulu gift book, it’s not so good for something you’re actually tossing out there to the public.

I had an idea to add something that immediately says “fantasy.” This is a more recent draft:

Cover 2

Bingo.  Now it’s a fantasy.  A bit of a plot spoiler, but I think it will grab the eye better.  My wife (also my prime beta reader) likes it.

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